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Mobile phone film festival a crowd pleaser

The mobile phone offers creative talent an outlet through film

The weekend just gone saw one avid mobile phone user in Japan earn himself ¥500,000 (£2,200) and a shot at the big time after he scooped top prize at Japan's first Pocket Films Festival.

Daisuke Kobayashi's 720/24 won the jury prize for a stop-motion animated film he composed in and around Tokyo by combining images taken on his phone over the course of a day there.

Creativity unbounded

The festival, which featured 150 other short films created on mobile phones and ranging in length from a minute to three quarters of an hour, was held in Yokohama by the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. It was the event's Japan debut, coming two years after its inauguration in Paris.

While the image quality possible on a phone may not be on a par with what a professional video camera can do, the inventiveness of some of the entries suggests a bright future for the format. Stand-out films included one filmed inside a fridge by kids and another offering a virtual train journey around Tokyo.