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Mobile multimedia museum opens

Masterpieces as wallpaper or music and video archive downloads are available with Museum On The Go

Trudging around museums could soon become a thing of the past following the launch this week of the first mobile phone museum portal, Museum On The Go .

The mobile portal provides a virtual multimedia museum for mobile phone users with a catalogue that contains over 1,000 images of works of art, historic photographs, voice and sound recordings, and audio and video downloads.

The service has been set up in collaboration with a number of museums and archives in Germany, Austria and Israel and features content from the 20th century, organised in various themes.

Museum On The Go gives mobile users the opportunity to swap their current screensaver wallpaper for a masterpiece from the likes of Cezanne or Van Gogh, download audio tracks from great composers such as Mozart (to listen to as full tracks or ringtones), and video and audio recordings of famous historical figures, including Sigmund Freud.

As well as downloadable mobile phone content, the site provides information, news and exhibition updates in English and German, plus a section where users can compose and send greetings cards.

The Wap site can be accessed by mobile users at with more information available on the website at .