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iPhone interface appears on Nokia

Apple iPhone-like apps have been developed for the Nokia N800

You don't need an Apple iPhone to get the iPhone experience it seems. Other mobile device enthusiasts are now trying to emulate the iPhone's unique touchscreen interface by developing their own version - the latest example being reported on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet .

Examples of iPhone-alike application development activity for the Nokia N800 have started appearing online. First to be demonstrated was a iPhone-like virtual keyboard, on the Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri blog , which was developed using Python and Edje.

The Nokia N800 iPhone-style virtual keyboard has been followed up by an appearance on YouTube of a Nokia N800 running an iPhone-like screen scrolling application. Apparently, the open Linux platform used on the N800 allows it to be customised relatively easily, so further iPhone-clone apps could be making an appearance on the device soon.

The iPhone-like apps developed for the Nokia N800 follow an earlier report here on a blog, , that's dedicated to creating an iPhone-like user interface for Windows Mobile devices using Flash Lite. Downloads of an iPhone-style launcher and weather app have already appeared on the site.