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LG introduces the new Viewty Snap GM360

The new LG Viewty Snap GM360 - snappy
The new LG Viewty Snap GM360 - snappy

LG has bucked the trend of current cameraphones with the new Viewty Snap GM360 and brought a 5MP sensor complete with new Optic-all zoom.

We were initially happy to note that optical zoom is making an appearance once more - it's been nearly 5 years since we've last seen it.

The Samsung G800 has a 3x optical zoom and face detection, but this was many moons ago and there wasn't even any support for a touchscreen then.

UPDATE: However, after speaking to LG, it turns out the Viewty Snap has an 'Optic-all' zoom, which apparently is BETTER than an optical zoom as it doesn't sacrifice picture quality and doesn't need the large internal mechanisms.

LG viewty snap gm630

No specs ahoy

LG are being a little stingy with the specs on this one - apart from mentioning there's a 5MP camera with LED flash and optical zoom, we don't know much else snapping-wise.

However, it does have dedicated social networking links, push email and a three inch (presumably capacitive) touchscreen, as well as 2GB of internal memory.

We're going to harass LG for more information, but we're now sad we're not looking at the future of cameraphones - just another snapper with a fancy new feature.

Via LG Blog UK