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LG Arena to debut this week in UK?

The LG Arena KM900 - coming soon but how soon?
The LG Arena KM900 - coming soon but how soon?

LG has announced that its flagship Arena KM900 phone will be available in the UK later in March, although some reports are stating it could even surface this week.

We're still waiting to find out which networks are carrying the device, although Orange has a 'coming soon' sticker attached to the KM900 on its website, and the LG section of T-Mobile's online shop is inexplicably down at the moment.

We've got no word on how much this new phone will cost, but it appears LG will be able to charge a pretty high premium for it if it so wishes, as the handset has already received over a million pre-orders worldwide.

Let's all interface

It will be available in both silver and black titanium colours, and will also be the first to feature LG's new dual-chipset S-Class interface, which promises to be both slick and intuitive, according to the company.

It will also be the first to come with Dolby Mobile, providing a virtual surround sound experience from your handset, so there are plenty of reasons to get excited.

Stay tuned for more information on pricing and availability as we pick away at the various carriers to uncover the truth.