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Is this the Moto TouchZINE HD?

Is this the Moto TouchZINE HD?
Is this the Moto TouchZINE HD?

Motorola's plans to take the touchscreen market by the scruff of its neck have gathered pace as high-res images of the handset have leaked out.

There's also a whisper of the new phone being called the Moto TouchZINE HD, with full 1080p recording and playback.

This would trump the recent OmniaHD from Samsung, which managed to pack 720p video recording and playback on a large touchscreen device.

No more information has been released, so all we know now is that it's a large touchscreen device, it's unlikely to be packing Android unless it's got some secret buttons hidden somewhere and there's a 5MP camera with Xenon flash.


The TV-out capability hints at a more media-centric handset, meaning that if it could pump out HD content it would need a big hard drive in there of at least 16GB, if not memory expansion instead / as well.

Of course, as posited by other people, this could easily be the work of a Photoshop wizard, with the fake lens flare and the fact the buttons aren't actually real making it seem a little unlikely.

Either way, this is the kind of thing we need to see from Motorola if it is to have a renaissance, so come on guys, look at the pics and get designing!