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iPhone 6 screen reportedly set at 5 inches, due in September 2014

iPhone 6
The next iPhone could loom large

A Japanese magazine claimed recently that the next Apple phone will feature a 5-inch screen and launch in September 2014.

That's right - the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are barely out, and the iPhone 6 hype train has already left the station.

The report comes from is Mac Fan, and while the mag's 5-inch iPhone 6 rumor is just one of many circulating, it builds on previous reports that Apple is experimenting with different display sizes.

Choo choo

Those reports said that the new iPhone could go as big as six inches, but Mac Fan claimed that the iPhone 6's screen size is now set in stone at five inches.

That's still up from the current iPhones' 4-inch displays.

The new 5-inch iPhone 6 display will allegedly be a full HD 1080p Retina screen.

It's unclear where the magazine that issued the original report got its information, but this claim seems as likely as any other we're hearing about the iPhone 6.

Other iPhone 6 rumors have claimed that the next iPhone will feature NFC and wireless charging, among other new features.