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Hacker shows iPhone can now work as modem

The iPhone tethering option has popped up in iPhone 3.0
The iPhone tethering option has popped up in iPhone 3.0

A wandering developer poking around the iPhone 3.0's innards has found the section allowing users to tether their iPhone to a computer and use the handset as a modem.

The Internet Tethering screen shows how you can use the phone with USB or Bluetooth, with instructions on how to use either.

Apple subtly announced the tethering support at the launch event for the iPhone 3.0 firmware, although it was barely highlighted as wrangles with carriers are still going on.


When TechRadar spoke to O2 last week, they said the situation was still being monitored, and we've contacted them again to find out whether tethering will be available in the UK.

By connecting your iPhone to your PC, iPhone users would essentially be able to get free mobile broadband thanks to the unlimited data plan offered by O2 as part of the iPhone deal.

While it is subject to a fair use policy, users would be able to download as much as they liked before being stopped by a carrier, likely meaning angry phone calls to the network.

More likely is O2 et al will offer an extra subscription to use your phone as a modem, a model already used for other brands of handsets around the world.

Via MacRumors