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Xiaomi opening online stores in the US and Europe next month, but don't get too excited

Xiaomi Mi Store

Hold the phone: Chinese tech firm Xiaomi has announced the launch of its online Mi Store in the US and parts of Europe, following a short beta test.

The Mi store will hit the US on June 1 and arrive in France, Germany, and the UK on June 2. However, if you are looking to score any of the company's flagship phones, like the Mi4, you'll have to take your money elsewhere for now.

The store will sell the company's affordable accessories, like the Mi Band, Mi Headphones, and Mi Power Bank. It's likely Xiaomi is testing the waters of the US and European markets and may bring its phones and tablets to these online stores if all goes well.

The company has seen rapid growth, expanding to the 3rd biggest phone manufacturer in the world, without ever leaving the Asian market. This is the company's first intrepid pursuit in foreign markets, and will most likely affect the rest of the field with its notably lower pricing.

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