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Alarm clock shares phone ringtones wirelessly

Citizen's M-stock 533 uses infrared to get annoying ringtones from phone to clock.

Ever wanted to have an alarm clock that can play the ringtones from your phone to wake you up in the morning? No, thought not, but that hasn't stopped Citizen Japan from producing a clock which does exactly that.

For ¥8,925 (£38) the M-stock 533 will pull ringtones off a mobile phone and use them in place of a bell, beep or other jarring morning reveille. It achieves this using the muPass infrared data-exchange system pioneered by Sammy Networks , a part of the Sega family in Japan.

Paying to be roused

Entertainment value is pretty limited, as only music paid for and downloaded from the muPass website can actually be used, but it's not as if anyone buying this is likely to be expecting total product satisfaction.

Incidentally, this Citizen timepiece is marketed in Japan by Rhythm Watch, which sounds more like a Catholic family-planning research group than a vendor of tacky gadgets.