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Acer planning Chrome OS netbook in Q3

Acer betting on Chrome OS for netbooks
Acer betting on Chrome OS for netbooks

Acer's journey with Google into new territory looks like continuing with the announcement that it will be bringing a netbook running the Chrome OS in Q3 2010.

The announcement was made by Jim Wong, Senior Corporate Vice President and President of IT Product Business Group at Acer, who stated to Bloomberg that the company was looking to shift over one million Chrome-based netbooks in 2010.

The move would signal another step along the path to seeing Google begin to spread its OS from smartphones to netbooks, with the simplistic platform likely to gain widespread acceptance from a number of manufacturers.

Big belief

Such is the belief in the Chrome OS that Acer is stating that the platform will be used in seven per cent of all its netbook shipments in 2010, which would be impressive should the netbook come around September.

During the interview, Wong also confirmed the company will be creating an app store for the netbook to download easy to use widgets, and the portal will also carry apps that can be used on the company's burgeoning smartphone range.

Via Digitimes