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US bill wants a ban on walking and talking

Moments after this photo was taken, this man walked in front of a bus... possibly

A US Representative in Chicago is trying to bring in a law against crossing the road while on the phone.

Democrat Kenneth Dunkin has sponsored a bill calling for a ban on people talking on their mobiles while walking down the street, and has won the backing of Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White.

Apparently, the politicians have become convinced that people are putting themselves at risk by not concentrating on where they are going when talking, and that they end up walking into traffic or potholes.

Remote chances

The chances of the bill ever becoming law are remote, to say the least, but the inevitable backlash from the public has been a joy to behold.

"It's taking away people's basic rights to talk wherever they want,” one bemused punter told the Chicago Sun Times. "But they ban cell phones in cars now, so why not on [crosswalks]?"

Surely Darwinian principles will take care of those stupid enough to walk into traffic without the need for legislation?