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Spike Lee to make movies on mobiles

Nokia parters with Spike Lee on movie project

Following yesterday’s launch of the high-resolution DivX video recording LG Secret phone, Nokia hits back and announces that Spike Lee is making movies on its phones.

Lee is making a movie with Nokia Productions and claims it marks the true democratisation of film.

"Aspiring filmmakers no longer have to go to film school to make great work. With a simple mobile phone, almost anyone can now become a filmmaker."

Music, the food of love

Those very same aspiring filmmakers can submit text, music, video or images, up to the August 21 deadline here.

The movie will “evolve around the way music tells the story of humanity” with Lee and Nokia choosing the best submissions in association with online public voting. Lee will then direct the film via the website.

Critics, of course, would merely point out that it marks a once great filmmaker stooping to the level of a paid Nokia shill, but there are always critics…