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Samsung Pixon: can it back up the claims?

Pixon, pix off
Pixon, pix off

Samsung might have been all covert in its attempts to keep its latest 8MP snapper away from the prying eyes of the world, but it has failed with the debut of the Pixon.

Initially dubbed the Bresson, due to its camera 'heritage', the new handset packs an 8MP camera (as you may have guessed already) but in a chassis that's just 13.8mm.

The handset will be available during October in France, which we assume will translate into a speedy launch in other European countries.

The more eagle-eyed among you might be wondering at the similarities with LG's Renoir, and you would be correct in making such a comparison. Well done.

Super slo-mo

Both film at QVGA with 120fps recording, both have DivX support, and then they both flip-reversed it by offering XviD support too.

However, the Renoir edges it slightly by offering Wi-Fi connectivity as well, and why Samsung has decided the Pixon doesn't need it is a real mystery.

Available with HSDPA coverage in Europe thanks to 2100MHz, this will be the Koreans next warrior in the battle of the touchscreens.

Which we imagine would be full of sharp edges and scratch resistant coatings.