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LG: now the third biggest mobile maker

LG stomps its way to third place
LG stomps its way to third place

LG - Lucky Group, Life's Good, whatever you want it to stand for - is clearly proud of its initials after it sold the third largest amount of mobile phones worldwide last year.

During 2008, it managed to sell 100 million phones overall, narrowly slipping past Motorola who sold around 100,000 handsets less than that figure (helped largely by maintaining a strong US presence).

Sony Ericsson is lagging somewhat behind, selling just under 4 million handsets less than LG worldwide... Hopefully, 2009 will be a better year for the Swedo-Japanese alliance (although the two might end up splitting, depending on which rumours you trust.)

Frankly baffling

But the market leaders, as we all know, are still way out in front. Nokia sold a frankly baffling 470 million handsets (it knows how to work those emerging markets, clearly) and Samsung threw another 200 million into the pot.

That means in the last year alone, nearly 1 billion handsets were sold. According to the Boy Genius Report, LG alone plans to release 100 more (which averages around two new mobile phones a week).

But will the Korean company garner more sales by throwing handsets at the market, or will the public just get overwhelmed by all the new toys and buy an iPhone instead?