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iPhone 'almost caught fire' says user

The burnt iPhone...or is it?
The burnt iPhone...or is it?

There are reports emanating from Switzerland that an iPhone 3G user nearly burned his face on a red-hot handset.

After trying to sync the device for a while (unsuccessfully), he then attempted to make a phone call, despite the device already heating up significantly.


He then claims the all-singing, all-dancing Apple handset that could feasibly one day take over the world and make us all its slaves, became so sizzling he was forced to switch ears for the conversation.

Rather than hanging up and putting the device down, obviously.

He then says he smelt burning plastic, and the iPhone 3G had a red hot glow from the inside, before the plastic began smouldering and blistering before his very eyes.

As you can see from the picture, the 'burn' looks a bit like a scratch or dent... it couldn't POSSIBLY be an attempt to fake an insurance claim, could it?