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Parents want text reports on kids at school

LOL at Bobs hmwrk!
LOL at Bobs hmwrk!

A survey by the government education technology body Becta has revealed that parents would prefer school reports for their children sent by email or text.

The old-fashioned trick of turning your Ds into Bs could be a thing of the past if 68 per cent of the 1,493 parents polled get their way.

Other two-thirds of people, it appears, would prefer to get more frequent updates by text or email that kept them abreast of their child's performance.

More communication

"…it appears parents and schools are not talking as much, or as frequently, as parents would like," said Becta's Niel McLean.

"Using technology, there are many ways to increase the frequency and quality of contact parents have with schools.

"This can be done easily and cost effectively, without putting extra pressure on teachers."

TechRadar is all for modern methods to be used in schooling, and delighted that parents are kept more up to date with their kids' progress, but doesn't this take all the fun out of deciphering the teacher's handwriting?