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GPS gaming gets serious

New plans for GPS gaming: making the world your playground?
New plans for GPS gaming: making the world your playground?

Wayfinder, a supplier of GPS services in mobile phones, has decided to develop the potential for integrating "location based entertainment" into gaming.

In the past, what this has generally meant for gaming is one of two things – either your phone literally turns the environment into the gaming world, making you do things like run around a park picking up imaginary oranges or alternatively, as you may remember from the hideous failure that was the Gizmondo, turning the computer-generated GPS map into a virtual world on the games machine itself.

Whatever happens, Wayfinder promise that their assistance "will further increase the use of mobile devices and add an element of fun in the mobile usage for each person willing to play in the location gaming field."

'Huge potential'

"We see a huge potential for location oriented entertainment and gaming in mobile phones," said Jonas Sellergren, VP Innovations at Wayfinder.

"By giving access to our 3rd party APIs to the game developer community, we believe that we can help these developers save a substantial amount of time when creating Location Based or Alternate Reality Games, especially on the mapping, search and positioning side."

Wayfinder say that all resources needed to start developing GPS games will be made available to registered forum users by September 30.