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Drunk, texting and speeding driver caught

I'm drunk...where you at?
I'm drunk...where you at?

A driver in Minnesota decided that life was just a bit too easy recently, and embarked on a 'how many laws can I break in a car' spree.

Not content with just being drunk as a skunk, the driver then decided to see what it felt like to drive really fast in the wrong lane.

He then probably thought it felt so good that he should whip out his mobile to tell his good friend just how awesome the experience was.

Textual happiness

Well, that little mixture of law breaking was enough for the police to give chase, though the 25-year-old decided that he may as well go all the way and tried to evade arrest.

A spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety said to a US paper, the Star Tribune, "Almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong,"

Thankfully, the guy was taken off the road and arrested before anything could go wrong. Well, not for him though.