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3 brings Sky TV to mobile customers

Sky TV available on your 3 mobile
Sky TV available on your 3 mobile

3 is giving an early Christmas present to its customers with the news that it's bringing Sky TV channels to mobile handsets.

This means live mobile TV channels, including Sky Sports, Sky News and CNN will be available alongside the likes of BBC and ITV.

The channels will be available from the Planet 3 homescreen, which will link directly to Sky's mobile TV portal. Customers can pick up the service for £5 a month or £1 a day if they don't want unlimited access.


"With more and more customers using their phones to access data rich services on the internet such as music and TV, we're delighted to welcome Sky's successful mobile TV channels," says Fergal Walker, 3's Director of Product Management.

"We know sport and news are really popular on mobile TV, so offering the likes of Sky Sports and Sky News to our customers ensures we continue to press ahead in delivering the best mobile internet services."

The service is available now, but it's not zero-rated (i.e. it will cut into your data allowance). Make sure you're on 3's unlimited internet add-on if you fancy a bit of Sky Sports out and about, otherwise the phone bill will veritably thud onto your doormat.