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Samsung gets Oz boost in Apple patent fight

Samsungs gets OZ boost in Apple patent fight
Samsung gets OZ boost in Apple patent fight

Apple's bid to keep the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned from sale in Australia has failed, with a ruling from the Federal Court meaning that the tablet will go back on shelves.

Apple had managed to win an injunction against the sale of the Tab 10.1 over patents, Samsung's appeal was then granted but the Californian company asked for, and received, a stay to seek its own appeal, meaning the injunction stayed in place.

However, the Federal Court has now ruled that Samsung can sell the product in Australia, at least until the case hits the patent courts next year.


According to The Register, Samsung must keep records of sales of the device and apps ahead of that hearing.

The upshot is that consumers in Australia will be able to buy Samsung's tablet from Monday 12 December.

The ongoing legal wranglings over patents have shown no sign of letting up – with Samsung being challenged across the world by Apple over the look and feel of its tablet, which the latter feels infringes on its own iPad.