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Amazon set to cancel OLPC orders?

The OLPC might not arrive at all
The OLPC might not arrive at all

It seems the truly philanthropic PC users among us might be dealt a harsh blow, as Amazon UK is threatening to cancel delivery of the One Laptop Per Child devices.

It seems that Amazon hasn't received its delivery of the OLPCs, and therefore cannot fulfil its promise to deliver the units within 30 days of purchase.

The letter states: 'Dear Donor, The following order, placed on 17-Nov-2008 with One Laptop per Child, will be cancelled if the order is not ship-confirmed by 19/12/08. (Merchants on Amazon must ship products within 30 days from the date when the order was placed; otherwise, the order is automatically cancelled.).'


This could merely be an automatic response to the 30-day limit drawing close, as most OLPC donors (who pay more for their laptop in order to give one to a needy child in another country) expected something of a delay.

It appears delivery of the OLPCs is on its way this week, with the necessary WEEE Certification for the UK having been secured, so fingers crossed for all those children out there waiting to get computing.