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YouTube to charge for TV show access?

Would you swap the goggle box for the Google box?
Would you swap the goggle box for the Google box?

Google is looking into the possibility of charging for TV streaming in a bid to make as much money as possible from YouTube.

According to All Things Digital, "preliminary discussions" are taking place about putting a fee on TV streaming, which would put YouTube in direct competition with Apple iTunes.

Subscriber channel

It is expected that Hulu may well offer up a subscription-based in the future too, meaning that there will be a number of sites offering up TV content for a fee.

YouTube has only recently started offering long-form television content, after striking up a deal with Channel 4 to show archived shows on the site.

The idea of a subscription-based channel can definitely be filed under rumour and speculation for the moment, but Google will want to squeeze as much revenue out of the most popular video site in the world as possible, so adding premium content to the 'Google box' isn't that far-fetched an idea.

Another idea which is being bandied around is that of renting TV shows. This is also something that is very much encroaching on Apple's turf.

Expect the online TV price battle to commence sometime in 2010.

Via All Things Digital