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Official: YouTube to stop IE6 support

IE6 - past its sell by date
IE6 - past its sell by date

YouTube will no longer support Internet Explorer 6, TechRadar can confirm, with Google beginning to roll out warnings to those accessing the video site that they should update to a better browser.

A report from TechCrunch highlighted the change, and Google confirmed that it was happening to TechRadar, with a longer comment expected soon.

IE6 is a much maligned program in the modern environment, even sparking a campaign from .net magazine to 'kill' the browser.


Now it seems that key sites are beginning to withdraw support for IE6, which is still used by many businesses despite its lack of web standards compliance and the availability of much better browsers.

Microsoft is currently pushing its Internet Explorer 8 browser, and with Mozilla's Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google's Chrome all available, there is little excuse left to be using the older software.

"This is excellent news and about time," said .net magazine's Associate Editor Oliver Lindberg.

"The fact that such a high profile site is going to withdraw support for IE6 will send out a signal to many users and businesses still using the old browser and hopefully force them to upgrade.

"Thanks, Google!"

More to follow…