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Samsung reveals portable not-quite-3D Blu-ray player

Samsung expands its 3D range
Samsung expands its 3D range

Samsung has announced the arrival of the 'world's first' portable Blu-ray player with 3D capabilities – the Samsung BD-C8000 – which offers 3D viewing but only when connected to a 3D TV.

The player does come with a 10.3-inch display, which means you can use it to watch Blu-ray stuff on the move and as it has Wi-Fi capabilities you can also take advantage of the apps on offer from Samsung Internet@TV service.

But you won't be able to use the 3D on the small screen. The 3D-capabile part comes when you connect the player up to a 3D Ready TV and watch the content on the big-screen through active shutter glasses.

samsung c8000

Unfortunately UK readers will have to admire the C8000 from afar for the time being as it has only been introduced in the US.

With IFA 2010 right around the corner, though, we are expecting the device to get a UK release date soon.