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KEF Muon: £70K high-end speakers

KEF has teamed up with leading designer Ross Lovegrove to build its 'best ever' loudspeaker. The £70,000 Muon will be limited to 100 pairs when it goes on sale in mid-2007.

"We wanted to take our technology to the limit and then develop it further," says KEF's senior acoustic engineer, Andrew Watson.

Super-formed aluminium

The most notable feature of the speakers is their unusual shape - designed to prevent unwanted resonances inside the speaker cabinet from ruining the sound.

The cabinet designed has been achieved by using sheets of super-formed aluminium. These are able to assume almost any shape, says KEF.

Magic dust

Each KEF Muon loudspeaker comprises a four-way Uni-Q speaker system, with two rear firing bass drivers to counteract the 'room effect'.

The KEF Muon speakers also feature the company's own Acoustic Compliance Enhancement technology. This doubles the volume of the speaker cabinet by using activated carbon - so-called 'magic dust' that absorbs air molecules.

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