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Fallout Shelter gets sexy on Tinder

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter's out looking for love, as snaps advertising the game on Tinder have surfaced. When you click on the Fallout Shelter photo, it automatically redirects to a Tinder subsite, with redirects you to Fallout Shelter on Google Play or iTunes.

Using the dating app to stealth-advertise products is not uncommon, having been done by the makers of indie hit Ex-Machina who created a Tinder profile using an image of the main character Ava to lure unsuspecting men into a dialogue - part creepy, part zeitgeist genius.

Ava Ex-Machina Tinder Profile

It is also quite an appropriate medium for Bethesda. You add to your vault numbers by making the characters procreate - although with few vault co-inhabitants to choose from, you'd imagine people get a bit antsy in the dating stakes.

Bethesda has publicised it on Twitter too, even contributing a hashtag #DateADweller to encourage lots of lovely user-generated content including tweets and screenshots showing the characters they'd date in the game.

While verifying the story, we did come across a Fallout Shelter account on Tinder, but our reflex auto-left-swiping thumb happened before we could stop it to grab a screenshot. Sorry Vault Boy!

We also apologise to anyone else we inadvertently left-swiped in haste to verify this story.

Via Kotaku