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Is a mouse in the way of PS3 motion controller?

Microsoft's Arc mouse
Microsoft's Arc mouse

A mouse could be enough to prevent Sony from christening its PlayStation motion controller the 'Arc', with reports that a Microsoft peripheral could prove a major hurdle in the naming process.

Although Sony's PlayStation 3 motion wand is coming closer to making its debut, it has yet to be given a name, but has been referred to as both Gem and, more frequently, Arc.

Eagle-eyed technophiles may well have already spotted that Arc is the name used by Microsoft for one of its lifestyle mice, and according to CVG this is causing trouble.

Microsoft's arc mouse

Big deal?

Of course, Sony has not committed to a title, so it's hardly an enormous problem, but the company may be wary that the Arc moniker is becoming more widespread.

PlayStation fans may be slightly more fearful that the problem could lead to them wielding a 'Gem' – which hardly fits with the hardcore's self opinion.

Sony has declined to comment on CVG 's story.