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Most of us still use a low-res monitor to work or surf the web

34-inch LG monitor
Monitors at the upper end of the market are not popular.

Data collected by analyst firm Netmarketshare shows that the overwhelming number of desktop and laptop users still rely on low resolution computer displays for their day-to-day tasks.

1920 x 1080 was the only resolution matching or surpassing full HD in the top 10. The most common resolution on the market is 1366 x 768, which is very popular on entry-level and mainstream laptops and desktop monitors.

1024 x 768 is the resolution used by the older Apple iPad tablets (and the first iPad Mini) as well as older monitors; ditto for 1280 x 1024.

As for the third most common resolution, 1280 x 800, its market share is set to get a boost given that most entry level Android and Windows 8.1 tablets are or will sport this resolution.

The top five resolutions account more than half of the default displays used with the remainder consisting of a myriad of lesser-known, seldom-used resolutions.

It is worth noting that 4K or UHD resolution (at least 3840 x 2160) doesn't make it on the list as it accounts for less than 0.03% of the market.