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Dell's new 27-inch 5K monitor packs as much details as 7 monitors

Dell 5K monitor
The Dell 5K monitor

Out of the blue, Dell has managed to produce a monitor that sports the highest pixel count on any commercially available display.

The Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch 5K finally managed to surpass the IBM T220 by a wide margin, packing as much pixels as seven traditional full HD displays.

The 13-year old monitor hitherto held that title besting the 8.3 million pixels of 4K displays.

Dell engineers have managed this feat by joining two 2560 x 2880 pixels tiles to deliver a 5120 x 2880 pixel resolution; that's more than 14.75 million pixels, equivalent to 218ppi.

Pushing graphics cards to their limits

Two DisplayPort 1.2 connectors are used to drive the data; the display can rotate to portrait mode and comes with a pair of 16W Harman Kardon speakers, six USB ports and a card reader.

Expect it to come with a USB hub and possibly other input legacy ports although it is unlikely that they will be able to drive nearly 15 million pixels.

Creative professionals are the likely target although gamers with very deep pockets might also be interested; The Dell UltraSharp 5K will go on sale for $2500 (about £1500, AU$2700) and Dell has yet to say when it will go on sale.