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The best Apple HomePod prices and deals for July 2020

apple homepod prices deals cheap

All the best Apple HomePod prices and deals are here at your fingertips this week, so if you've been looking for a deal on one of the best smart speakers available, you've come to the right place. Our price comparison just below sorts through all our favorite retailers daily to surface the best Apple HomePod prices we can find, so simply scroll down to see what's available today.

While a later addition to the roster of available smart home devices, the HomePod is still a perfect fit if you're already firmly placed in the iOS ecosystem and have a preference of Siri over Google Assistant or Alexa. With an excellent speaker inside, the Home Pod is definitely more geared towards the audiophile crowd and it has no problem filling an entire room with high fidelity tunes.

Ah, yes the price. Brace yourselves, as the Apple HomePod is not cheap. On the plus side though, Apple recently announced a permanent price cut on its overpriced smart speaker. The HomePod price now starts at $299 instead of $349 in the USA. The HomePod's new UK starting price is £279, down from the original £319, while Australians can now expect to pay $469 instead of $499. If you're looking to spend a lot less, then it might be worth a look at our Google Home deals or Amazon Echo prices.

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apple homepods prices deals cheap

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