The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is the perfect portable laptop for students, and it's on sale now

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go
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Working on the go is a part of many people's daily routine, and if you're planning to work on the train or a flight, you'll want something lightweight, portable and slim. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is perfect for the student or hybrid worker on the go and is the laptop I wish I had when I was in university and had to commute across the city and on campus. 

Our Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go review of the laptop boasts about its long-lasting battery, great connectivity and spacious panel and keyboard, ensuring a comfortable working experience. The laptop is on sale on Amazon right now, down from $349.99 to $299.99

The military-grade design provides a sturdy chassis to withstand even the toughest bumps and scrapes, so you can whack it into your backpack and be sure it'll travel with you in one piece. If you're starting a new semester, internship or job in the new year we can't recommend Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go enough. 

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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go 14

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go 14: $349.99now $299.99 on Amazon 

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go 14: was $349.99 now $299.99 on Amazon 
A portable productivity machine, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is the perfect companion for school and for work, slotting into any routine with ease. With plenty of ports and a spacious keyboard layout, you'll be able to have much longer, more comfortable typing sessions and connect a lot more peripherals or displays to your laptop without carrying around a bunch of adaptors.

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