Dyson Outsize+ plummets to its lowest-ever price at Walmart

Dyson Outsize Plus
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Sometimes bigger is better, and that's certainly the case with the Dyson Outsize Plus, Dyson's largest intelligent cordless vacuum, which is currently discounted to its lowest-ever price in Walmart's after-Christmas sales

Right now, you can snag this spacious sucker for just $399.99 at Walmart, a massive $200 savings. While it's still a lot pricier than some of its competition, you do get a superior clean; we rated it 4.5 stars out of five in our Dyson Outsize review.

With its larger cleaning head covering 25% more of the floor compared to the Dyson V11 and a roomy 1.9-liter dust bin, the Outsize is one of the best vacuum cleaners available for larger homes - or if you just want your cleaning done as quickly as possible. 

Dyson Outsize Plus:$599.99now $299.99 at Amazon

Dyson Outsize Plus: was $599.99 now $299.99 at Amazon
This is the lowest-ever price we've seen on Dyson's largest intelligent cordless vacuum at Walmart, and while $300 is still no small fee, you get a cleaning head that covers 25% more of the floor compared to the Dyson V11 and a super-sized dust bin with a capacity 0f 1.9-liters. We scored it 4.5 out of five stars in our review.

It's been a great year for Dyson deals, with both Prime Day and Black Friday seeing some excellent discounts on these clean machines. This after-Christmas Walmart deal is the icing on the cake, bringing a brilliant machine down to a more affordable price.

Worth noting is that this vacuum isn't quite as lightweight as some of Dyson's other cordless vacs, weighing in at 3.56kg (sans attachments) which is 470 grams heavier than the standard V11. Realistically, that's only going to be an issue if you've got lots of overhead spots that need cleaning, but it's still pretty easy to maneuver regardless.

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