Music is played via the standard Android music player, and there are no real surprises on board. The equaliser offers a range of settings for different music types, though, so you can fiddle with playback a bit.

Samsung galaxy europa i5500 review

Samsung galaxy europa i5500 review

There is an FM radio on board, and as you'd expect, it autoscans channels and stores them in memory for future use. You have to enter channel names by hand though, so there will be a bit of editing before you get things quite how you want them.

With 140MB of user memory on board there's not much room for internal saving; thankfully you get a 1GB microSD card to add to that.

You'll need the extra storage for music playback as well as for saving photos, and in all likelihood will find you need a higher capacity card fairly early on - but at least there's one there from the start as otherwise the camera won't function.

Video playback was quite good, with reasonably clear, smooth rendering. Colour reproduction isn't the best we've ever seen though, and the small screen means that watching anything for a serious length of time can be hard on the eyes.

It does support MP4, H.264 and H.263 though, which makes it passable for on the go music video watching or the like.