Dell Streak review: Verdict

Dell streak review

The Dell Streak is a memorable device. It doesn't really have any direct competitors on the market, with the closest in screen size at this point being the HTC Desire HD, but even then the Streak towers over it. With this phone, you'll definitely be noticed.

We Liked

The screen is fantastic, videos look great and apps are large and clear. Coupled with a great speaker, the Streak proves itself a fantastic media device.

Dell streak review sideways view

While it might sound dull that so many apps in the Streak are the stock Android versions, this is now a strength rather than a drawback. Google is working hard on improving its app stable. Gmail is now a great way to manage your e-mails, Google Maps and Google Navigation are killer apps that should make owners of rival phones green with envy, and there's more to come.

We Disliked

The Streak has a handful of characteristics that might be an issue to you, mainly based around its size. At 220g, it's probably the heaviest mobile you'll find anywhere right now. Its immense size does mean you may well be laughed at when you pull it out to answer a call.

Dell streak review in hand shot

Even for a big person, the Streak is a two-handed device. Trying to operate it with just your thumb may be tricky.This is, perhaps, the issue: the software lends itself to one handed thumb operation, such as with Swype, but the Streak's physical size moves it towards being a media tablet.


Is this the device for you? The size really could be a sticking point for some people, so we strongly recommend trying it out yourself. Is the Dell Streak a good device, though? Definitely. Is it an improvement on the 1.6 version? Without doubt. It won us over in a lot of ways.