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Samsung UM10 Optical Mouse review

An oddly-designed mouse, but does it work well enough?

Samsung UM10 Optical mouse
The UM10 takes a little getting used too, but we found it a great way to work

Our Verdict

We were a bit dubious at first, but Samsung's odd but effective mouse won us over


  • Unique design
  • Works well


  • Takes some getting used to
  • Not great for gaming

At first appearance, the Samsung UM10 looks a little odd and awkward to use.

It's a small flat mouse with a retractable lead that has a scroll wheel instead of conventional buttons. For left mouse button actions, there is a button in the middle of the wheel, while clicking the wheel itself acts as a right-hand click.

Compact and convenient

At first it takes a little getting accustomed too, but we found it a great way to work.

Measuring just 8mm in depth, it's slim and with a clip to tidy away the USB connector, it can be packed away to a small and convenient size. Our review sample had a metallic finish, but Samsung offers it in a range of colours.

You won't want to use this mouse for anything too taxing, such as games or for art packages, but for everyday use it works well.