LG 47LE8900

Direct LED lighting meets a decent price, solid multimedia features and a Freeview HD tuner to very desirable effect

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  • Outstanding HD picture quality
  • Fine multimedia support
  • Excellent calibration flexibility


  • Impoverished online service
  • Average sound
  • Standard def could look better

Despite being one of the TV world's more cutting-edge screens, the 47LE8900 doesn't have 3D. This is not necessarily a weakness; if you want 3D from an LG TV, you can get it either from the active LX9900 series or the passive 47in 47LD950.

So the idea with this model is that people who aren't too fussed about 3D can get their hands on the upper reaches of LG's TV picture quality technologies without having to splurge out extra for the three-dimensional wizardry.

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What you still get for your £1,700 is the potentially killer combination of direct LED backlighting and a startlingly slim design that looks like it should instead belong to an edge-lit TV, rather than the usually superior (in picture quality terms) direct technique.

Not that LG has abandoned edge backlighting. Far from it; the LX6900 series combines active 3D playback with edge LED lighting, while non-3D edge LED models can be found in the LE7900 and LE5900 series, with their 100Hz processing and, in the LE7900's case, Bluetooth connectivity.