World’s cheapest Microsoft 365 Family offer is now so ridiculously affordable I’ve bought 5 of them — here’s why you should do the same ASAP

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Microsoft 365 Family with McAfee Total Protection: Was £79.99 Now £49 at Argos

Microsoft 365 Family with McAfee Total Protection: Was £79.99 Now £49 at Argos
Microsoft Office is still one of the most widely-used productivity suites among professionals, home users, and students. Microsoft 365 has all that and the newest features for apps as soon as they're available. It includes customer support, making this a deal you don't want to miss. Available for both Windows and Mac.

You won't find a genuine subscription anywhere in the world for cheaper. Get Microsoft 365 Family for less than a Starbucks coffee a month and up to six people can enjoy 1TB of storage each and unlimited access to tons of Microsoft software and applications like Word and Excel anywhere you go.

Head over to Argos to get up to five Microsoft 365 Family subscriptions for a grand total of £245 (that’s 5 x £49). It’s cheaper to buy it from there rather than Amazon UK (where the same package costs £50.99). Microsoft sells the same package on its site for £79.99 so you save £31, almost 39% savings.

It's long been a popular misconception about Microsoft’s Office family that it comes with a high price tag. Although this may be the case if you want the perpetual license (the one that doesn’t expire), there are ways to lower its cost by buying its subscription, Microsoft 365. Opt for the Family version which can be used by six people rather than the often-more expensive Personal subscription.

You will want to buy five subscriptions rather than just one because you can stack them as doing so allows you to lock the price down for a full five years. So I purchased five separate subscriptions, received emails, activated them and got locked for 75 months (i.e. just over 6 years), till 2030. Remember that it's digital downloads and activations so don't lose the email and do check your spam box.

Bargain! Remember that the subscription is for 15 months rather than 12 months so the cost per month is a mere £3.32 (or £0.50 per user per month), cheaper than a Starbucks coffee.

With Microsoft 365, you get up to 6TB of cloud storage (1TB per person) and the entire suite of Microsoft applications, one that keeps on growing: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Access, Publisher, OneNote and Outlook as well as Editor, Defender, OneDrive and Clipchamp.

Oh and don’t forget that you get more than just that. The bundle also include McAfee Total Protection, which is an award winning integrated security suite worth £200. It covers unlimited devices and includes a password manager, a VPN, a firewall, a file shredder and a powerful antivirus

Remember though that you only get 60 months worth of protection, not 75 months. Not a problem for me (as I won’t be using MATP) but that might bother other users. Shame that Microsoft doesn’t do multi-year subscription on its 365 suite as that would have been a hit with consumers and businesses alike.

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