This Flip NBN + mobile bundle will sort your phone and internet for $90p/m

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While you may be able to find good value when searching for the best NBN plans or best SIM-only plans, have you ever considered the potential value in bundling these two essential services together? 

It’s not uncommon to find some NBN providers offering a SIM card or two with their NBN plans, with the general idea being the more services you add, the more you could stand to save. We've also found multiple other internet and mobile bundle deals, that can even include savings when you bundle your internet with energy, such as electricity and gas. But one bundle deal, from Australian NBN provider Flip, takes the crown by a long way in our opinion.

Flip NBN 50 + 20GB SIM-only plan | AU$69.80p/m for 3 months; AU$73.90 for 3 months; then AU$84.80p/m ongoing

Flip NBN 50 + 20GB SIM-only plan | AU$69.80p/m for 3 months; AU$73.90 for 3 months; then AU$84.80p/m ongoing

For a limited time (until February 29, 2024) you can nab a 20GB SIM-only plan for AU$9.90 per month for 3 months when you bundle with an NBN plan, and AU$14.90p/m from month 4. This runs in line Flip’s 6 month introductory pricing for NBN: AU$59p/m for 6 months then AU$69.90p/m ongoing.

We have been able to find other mobile carriers offering similar or more data for roughly the same initial cost as Flip, but it’s Flip’s ongoing cost when bundled with an NBN plan that allows it to run away with the title of being one of the cheapest around. 

Here's a look at how much you'd pay for a 20GB SIM-only plan, without bundling in an NBN plan:

There is of course the added cost of the NBN plan itself, but fortunately Flip is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) NBN providers in Australia. That means you can get a 50Mbps NBN plan for AU$59p/m for the first 6 months of the service, before increasing to its usual price of AU$69.90.

The total maximum monthly cost for a Flip NBN plan and a SIM-only plan? AU$84.80. That’s less than the AU$91.15 current average cost of a 100Mbps NBN 100 plan. 

Flipping great value if you ask us. 

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