Leaked iPhone 16 case video may show off the new design for 2024

iPhone 15 front angled
The iPhone 15 is due to be replaced this year (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

Now that we've heard everything about the iOS 18 upgrade coming later this year, we can turn our attention back to the hardware – and the design of the iPhone 16 flagship due in September has leaked again, this time through what seems to be a case mold.

A short video of this clip was posted to social media by @UniverseIce, who is one of the more reliable tipsters out there. Nothing is official until Apple confirms it. but this does match up with previous leaks we've seen.

It appears we're looking at a case template for either the iPhone 16 or the iPhone 16 Plus, as it's quite tricky to judge the size from this quick clip. It's most probably the larger model, but it might be the standard one.

There's still some debate over the screen size the iPhone 16 Plus is going to come with, and from what we're heard so far, every iPhone model could be changing its screen size this year – perhaps up to 6.9 inches with the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Cameras and buttons

Whether this case mold is for the iPhone 16 or the iPhone 16 Plus, both phones are expected to sport the same design – the only difference between the two handsets should be the screen size and configuration, the dimensions, and the battery capacity.

You can see here the vertical camera alignment that's been previously rumored: it'll be a change from the diagonal arrangement on the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus, and it's apparently going to enable the new versions to record spatial photos and videos.

There also seems to be room here for the new Capture button that's supposedly coming to all the iPhone 16 models this year. If the rumors are true, the new button will give users more control over how photos and videos are taken.

No doubt the rumors and leaks are going to continue between now and September, when another four iPhones are expected to launch – and they should come with iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence on board.

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