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LG set to expand its LCD TV production plans

LG - all about the LCD
LG - all about the LCD

LG has announced it is looking into extending its LCD output, due to massive customer demand.

The Korean manufacturer is experiencing an upsurge in the amount of LCD-based televisions it is selling at the moment. This is said to be because of the recent Chinese New Year and the popularity of Winter Olympics.

LG has noted that it may well build a new production line to keep up with demand, with the only thing holding the company back is the worry that while demand is high at the moment, this may eventually drop due to the cyclical nature of the industry.

Unable to meet demand

"We are considering increasing capacity because we have been unable to meet all client demand for some time," said a spokesperson at LG Display to Reuters.

"But nothing has been decided yet."

LG is currently shipping out less than 90 per cent of its orders received, something a new production line would remedy.

Recently the company announced its 3D range of TVs at CES 2010 – a technology which broaches both its LCD and Plasma series.

The company is hoping to sell 3.4 million sets, making it the biggest provider of 3D TVs in the market.

Via Reuters