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Rockridge Vacuum-powered iPod speaker system

Rockridge's iPod speaker system will be available from February 2007

The vacuum tube-powered RockridgeSound VTS-384 surely has a strong claim to be the most attractive Apple iPod speaker kit ever designed.

From February next year, ¥70,000 (£313) will secure you a novel slice of audio history and a fully analogue amp system. Maker RockridgeSound Japan reckons the four vacuum tubes - two on each of the right and left channels - make for extra-clear reproduction due to the lack of interference from electronic circuitry. Even so, these speakers aren't going to blow the roof off - total output is just 4W.

Most iPods can be docked to the system and controlled remotely, with the exception of the shuffle and the first two generations of regular iPods.

As with many products marketed with iPod users in mind, other players can be connected; via an RCA analogue input in this case. The VTS-384 will also hook up to a USB port for use as a rather expensive set of PC speakers. J Mark Lytle