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iPhone sell-out fears: Apple comes to rescue

iPhone stocks in Apple stores are being built up again ahead of another busy weekend

Fears of an Apple iPhone shortage in the US have eased with news that Apple stores have been replenished with fresh iPhone stock.

Yesterday, Apple's iPhone retail locator was showing a near sell-out of the iPhone across the US. Now however, Apple has re-stocked many of its stores and around 43 per cent of stores have iPhones in stock for today.

Some gaps do remain; Texas and Californian Apple stores are still indicating no iPhone availability. But Apple is expected to come to the rescue with more stock today ahead of another busy weekend.

The huge amount of sales of the iPhone over its first week have led to the stock shortages. Analysts have estimated f irst weekend iPhone sales at up to 700,000 units. And some reports suggest that Apple's partner operator AT&T may have activated over 1 million iPhones already this week.

Apple has yet to confirm sales figures, though speculation is growing over an imminent announcement from the company.