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Acer joins OHA - promises Android in Q4

Acer ready for Android
Acer ready for Android

Acer has announced plans to join the Open Handset Alliance - the group behind the Android OS - and will launch its first effort in Q4 2009.

Acer had previously mentioned such plans earlier this year when it announced its latest range of E1, C1, L1 and F1 smartphones.

Followed up

Aymar de Lencquesaing, senior corporate VP for Acer, said the company would be launching one of the phones later in the year, and has since followed up on that promise by taking the necessary steps and joining the OHA.

This means that Acer - which previously bought handset manufacturer E-Ten, producer of the Glofiish phone range - joins the hallowed ranks of Samsung, LG and HTC as part of an elite group. Oh, and Motorola too.

Given the company's penchant for large touchscreens, it's unlikely that its Android phone will be earth shattering, but at least it's another company and phone ticked off Andy Rubin's statement that we'll see 18 Android phones during 2009.