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Monopoly arriving for iPhone

London is part of the red set - travesty
London is part of the red set - travesty

Monopoly has arrived for the Apple iPhone, with major software company Electronic Arts offering up a mobile version of the classic board game.

The dreadfully named Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition allows you to buy major cities across the globe by shaking your iPhone (or iPod touch) to roll the dice.

EA Mobile have incorporated a function to listen to your own music while playing, a 3D board and a drop down that lets you track your last five moves.

The Knowledge

Oh, and you can learn more about the destinations as you cruise around the board passing go and collecting £200.

Your £4.99 also buys you the potential of four-person multiplayer across Wi-Fi.

But beware - at the time of writing a problem appears to be preventing the game from being downloaded.