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YouTube set to deliver streaming movie rentals

YouTube looks set to offer VOD for COD

The eternal question for Google of how to make money from YouTube could be about to get an answer after it emerged that talks are underway to bring movie streaming to the site.

Although any such move wouldn't be a great surprise, it is news to hear of the discussions between YouTube, Lions Gate, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers.

Competitive cost

According to Reuters, sources close to the talks say the new venture will introduce a premium YouTube service offering video on demand at a fee likely to be between the equivalent of £2 to £3.

There's no word on when the new service will arrive, but it's sure to happen quickly if Google wishes to catch up with front-running competitors like iTunes, Amazon and Netflix.

Amateur to professional shift

When film rental does hit YouTube, we'll all be able to pay to make the move from watching tedious amateur productions like Numa Numa to equally tedious professional efforts like the upcoming Rambo 5.