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VMWare launches industry-specific remote desktop tools

VMWare vertical cloud desktop virtualization
VMWare CEO (Image: Bloomberg)

Following the recent wave of industry-specific IT releases by IBM, SAP and others, VMWare has launched vertical virtualized desktop solutions for education, government, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing clients.

The new products take VMWare’s traditional end-computing product, which enables organizations to virtualize remote desktops or single applications, and layers on industry-specific tools. For example: the education-based tool will allow educators to deliver online tests and results securely and more efficiently via virtualized hardware and applications.

The government tool is designed to provide agencies with simplified and more advanced data protection technology, so that federal municipalities can share data quickly without worrying about native and international predators. VMWare’s financial services tool is built for data continuity, mobility and compliance, so that finance workers can work off of mobile devices and laptops without fear of a network shutdown or performing anti-compliance activities.

VMware’s healthcare solution is built to enable IT to monitor healthcare networks to ensure that any failures or congestion gets resolved quickly without the entire system shutting down. The manufacturing tool offers 3-D graphics modeling and design functionality, as well as data center security tools.

Industry-specific IT: the new wave

In the past six weeks, IBM and SAP have made their own vertical-specific plays.

SAP created a division focused on industry-specific cloud tools, the goal of which will be to develop prescriptive, industry-based cloud road maps across 25 industries. IBM created 12 industry-specific subscription-based cloud solutions in May. The releases include specific healthcare, mobility, asset management, customer data and predictive asset management tools.

Earlier this year, VMware launched a cloud-based disaster recovery service that is geared toward providing virtualized data centers that don’t require users to duplicate the entire data infrastructure or maintain an additional data center with replicated information.