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Internxt cloud storage review

A cloud storage provider that’s big on privacy and security

Internxt website
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TechRadar Verdict

Internxt is a secure cloud storage provider with a clean interface, comprehensive support, and multiple pricing plans. The lack of advanced file-sharing features, however, is a drawback.


  • +

    Advanced security features

  • +

    Reliable customer support

  • +

    Multiple pricing options

  • +

    Easy-to-use interface


  • -

    Lack of advanced features

  • -

    Limited editing and collaboration

  • -

    Single-currency support

  • -

    Free storage subject to limitations

Not too long ago, being able to remotely upload content and store and retrieve the data as and when you needed it seemed like a futuristic dream. But today, the best cloud storage (opens in new tab) services offer you that and so much more. If you’ve been thinking about storing your data in the cloud, Internxt (opens in new tab)—a cloud storage service with a focus on privacy and security—is a viable option.

In this Internxt review, we aim to give you information about its pricing, features, interface, security, and support so that you can decide if it’s the right cloud storage service for your needs.  

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Internxt: Plans and pricing

Internxt’s basic free plan offers 10GB of storage, however there is a large emphasis on “up to”, here. All accounts start with a 2GB allowance, while more storage can be added for free by completing certain tasks, like installing the mobile app, subscribing to the company’s newsletter and referring friends.. Beyond that, seven other pricing plans are available for individuals and for businesses. 

One popular approach to tiered subscriptions among cloud drive services is to offer varying degrees of functionality for both personal and business users. Internxt has decided to offer single personal and business plans with access to the same features, instead focussing purely on the amount of storage available.

Personal customers can subscribe to 20GB, 200GB or 2TB for €0.99, €4.49 or €9.99 per month, while business customers can gain access to larger amounts, including 200GB, 2TB and 20TB. These require a minimum of two users, which in the case of just two users, costs €8.98, €19.98 or €190 per month.

Like its competition, Internxt offers discounts for annual commitments. Payments are taken in euros, which may present some difficulties with certain banking platforms. Converted to other currencies, it seems that Internxt’s pricing competes against some of the big players like iCloud Drive, OneDrive and Google Drive.

Internxt also has an Enterprise plan for an unlimited number of team members. You’ll have to contact the support team for a quote based on your needs. It’s also easy for you to upgrade your plan at any time—you’ll never have to worry if your storage requirements change. 

All plans offer complete use of all of Internxt's secure services, including Internxt Drive, a zero-knowledge file storage service, Internxt Photos, which enables you to store photos privately and securely, and Internxt Send, a platform for you to send files safely and seamlessly. 

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Internxt: Features

As a relatively new offering, Internxt’s features are pretty basic. We’ve broken down some of the key ones here.

Internxt is available on desktop, mobile, or tablet, so you can conveniently access your files on any device. With its automatic syncing capability, Internxt ensures your information will be updated and saved regardless of the device you’re using. 

It offers its users handy offline access to their files. This means that you don’t have to frantically search for a network connection in order to access your documents out of range. You can enable selective offline access to all the files in your inventory.

One of the company’s strong points is its commitment to security - more on that below - however a lot goes on behind the scenes. Internxt wants to make the process as normal as possible while maintaining the best protocol.

For business users, the service enables you and your team to store files with total security. You can collaborate privately with other members and toggle your admin features. You can even decide how many times you want a given link to be valid/shared so that your file won’t be accessible outside of its intended audience. This is particularly useful for sensitive documents. 

All plans have derestricted file sizes, which is great for people working on videos and other large media types.

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Internxt: Interface and Use

Choosing a plan and creating an account on Internxt is quick and fuss-free. Upon logging in to your Internxt account, you’ll find a handy introductory guide that you can access to get a quick tutorial on how the service works. 

Internxt’s interface on mobile, web, and desktop is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly. On its main page, you can view all your files at a glance. You can also easily customize your folders with different colors and icons similar to the native tagging features in macOS and Windows. A useful search function helps you quickly locate files without having to spend time scrolling through your entire drive.  

Uploading new files onto the cloud is also a breeze with a drag-and-drop interface. Similarly, you can easily share your files through a link. Overall, Internxt’s intuitive dashboard is easy to use and streamlines your workflow.

There are two aspects to the desktop client. First is the tool that sits in the status bar, allowing a certain degree of control and an insight into your syncing activity. Unlike many competitors, there is no option here to throttle bandwidth usage, which would be useful for companies and individuals processing large amounts of documents alongside other streaming activity.

The second aspect is the built-in support for your computer’s native file management system - in our case, Finder for macOS. With a folder integrated straight into here, it’s easy to continue life as normal with plenty of dragging and dropping, while keeping things synced.

While Internxt’s primary focus is on cloud storage, there is a backup service available to all free and paid accounts too - though remember the limitations of free accounts. You can pick which folders to sync and any changes made in these will be updated online, too. We have previously complained about cloud drives that occupy a single folder, so being able to sync multiple folders across various locations is kindly welcomed.

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Internxt: Support

In terms of support, a pop-up live chat box will instantly appear when you navigate to Internxt’s site. Chat support is pretty responsive—we got a reply in eight minutes. If you’d prefer to troubleshoot on your own, you can access Internxt’s Help Centre from the same pop-up box as the live chat function. On the search bar, type any keyword that you’re looking for and you’ll be greeted with dozens of helpful articles from the team.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, Internxt’s support team is contactable via email 24/7 and provides support in English, Spanish, and Russian.


Internxt offers zero-knowledge encryption and decentralized cloud storage (Image credit: Internxt)

Internxt: Security

Security is where Internxt shines. The zero-knowledge file storage service is based on absolute privacy and uncompromising security. When you upload a file on Internxt, it’s instantly encrypted on your device. Unlike other mainstream services that encrypt customer data in transit or at rest, Internxt encrypts all your data before it leaves your device. 

Additionally, Internxt doesn’t store user data in any central location. Instead, data gets fragmented prior to being uploaded, and the encrypted file shards are then uploaded onto servers based in different locations around the world. A single server never holds a whole file, making Internxt very secure, robust, and private. 

With its AES-256 CTR encryption model, no one else other than you holds the key to your data. If Internxt were to be hacked, intruders wouldn’t be able to access your data either. 

On the consumer’s end, two-factor authentication (2FA) is easy to enable, however there is no support for SMS authentication which can be handy for people with phone and computer integration and autofill.

Even users without an account have access to the company’s free virus scanner which works by uploading a document - up to 1GB in size - to the website in order for it to be checked.

Internxt also provides a free password checker (opens in new tab), which shows any relevant information such as that it is a frequently used or easily guessed, as well as the amount of leaks that this password has been found in and how long it would take for somebody to crack your password. There’s some handy guidance, too, for creating the ultimate password.

The competition

Dropbox (opens in new tab) is a competitor that gives Internxt a run for its money with its advanced file-sharing capabilities and software integration. Similarly, OneDrive (opens in new tab) is a great alternative with its files-on-demand feature. 

The two competitors offer a range of useful tools and great functionality at about the same price point. To enjoy these features, however, you may have to compromise on privacy and security: Dropbox and OneDrive do not offer zero-knowledge encryption. 

Final verdict

Internxt’s affordable pricing plans, intuitive interface, and reliable support make it a great cloud storage service to consider. While it does not offer the same advanced features that you’ll find with Dropbox and OneDrive, individual users and businesses that prioritize security will enjoy the cloud service provider’s advanced security features and commitment to privacy. 

We rate Internxt highly for its range of useable features, including its interface which most users will find already familiar, the option to backup folders elsewhere on your computer, and the free, out-of-plan virus and password tools.

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