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Best Dropbox alternatives in 2021

Google cloud services
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Best Dropbox alternatives

1. Google Drive

2. OneDrive

3. Box

4. Sync

5. Tresorit

Read on for our detailed analysis of each service

Several years ago, Dropbox was one of the few services to introduce us to cloud storage. Gone were the days of having to hand in flash drives (remember floppy disks?) to share files. A decade later, the number of cloud storage and file sharing services have since gone up. It has become hard to imagine how it was ever possible to be without them. 

Dropbox does not only allow us to share files via the cloud, it also lets us sync and back up data, making them available anywhere, on any device. It’s as easy as signing in to your mail, helping you stay organized and in focus at the same time. 

Let’s look at the top alternatives for Dropbox that won’t let you down.

Google Drive

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1. Google Drive

Best for those already using G Suite

Reasons to buy
+Syncs desktop-to-desktop+Cross platform+Store, save and backup files in real time+Third party app integrations

Who hasn’t heard of Google Drive? Or better yet, who hasn’t heard of Google? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Google is not something you can allow yourself to be unfamiliar with. It’s synonymous to the word search. But Google has been offering us with a far more useful tool the entire world has come to appreciate in Google Drive. 

Google Drive lets you store your files in the cloud and sync these files and even settings across multiple devices. It lets you backup your files, too so you never lose them. Google Drive allows any organization to collaborate, sync and share data easily, and everyone can edit files and perform tasks simultaneously, hassle-free. Google Drive’s generous storage space lets you save as many pertinent documents and important files as you need. For storage options, Google Drive offers G Suite’s Enterprise and Business editions.

Much like Dropbox, with Google Drive, you can store, share, sync and access your files, photos, videos, songs, etc. from any computer. It’s super easy to use and is highly reliable in making your files safe and accessible. Google Docs and Google Sheets also play an important role in that MS Excel and MS Word files are easily converted and open instantly without the need to convert.


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2. OneDrive

A great option for Microsoft Office users

Reasons to buy
+Access files anywhere+Integrates with Microsoft Office+OneDrive Personal Vault protection+Scan and store documents

If you ever need to ask why OneDrive, well, because it’s Microsoft. The legacy of Microsoft is perhaps one of its main selling points, although OneDrive does come with heaps of features that are more likely to draw you in rather than just its maker's name. 

It probably sounds the same - save your files, videos, photos and songs on a device, access them on another. Microsoft’s OneDrive offers all these solutions and more including collaboration, backing up of data and protection. You do get 1TB of cloud storage space which is a lot and tons of other additional features you’re sure to find convenient. 

For instance, Microsoft OneDrive allows you to scan your document using your phone and store them directly into your OneDrive account so you can keep them secure. Another feature is the Personal Vault which is essentially an additional layer of protection. For additional protection, OneDrive also lets you set an expiration date for shared files, giving all collaborators access for a limited time. Additionally, OneDrive’s free version allows you to save folders that you can access offline, as well as search your database for files quickly by simply using keywords. 


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3. Box

Cloud storage trusted by large enterprises

Reasons to buy
+Enterprise grade security+Password protected files+Auto-expiration+Real time collaboration+Can send large files

Not only does it sound a lot like Dropbox, Box also provides you with the same convenient features plus a lot more. It’s as easy as uploading your files in the secure server and being able to access it from any device you can log in to. What more, your files are kept secure, and you always have a backup ready.

Box’s enterprise-grade security is one of the reasons Fortune 500 companies are using the service to keep their files secure. Box also lets you store and share large files, a feature you probably found yourself frustrated over a few times too many when using other services. Box’s integrated apps let you access your work from any device and use apps like Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and Okta.

Real time collaboration, permission control, access restriction are among Box’s more advanced features that offer the convenience you need from it. It’s simple, easy to manage and access, secure, and offers real time collaboration. In other words, everything Dropbox offers and a bit more. Much like working on Google Docs, Box also automatically saves your work so you can revert anytime in case you need to undo or redo anything.

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4. Sync

Keeping your files in sync

Reasons to buy
+Encrypted storage+Can send files to non-Sync users+In-house support+Centralized storage

Sync allows you to stay in sync with your files quite literally. Storing, sharing and accessing your files from any device anytime, you know the drill. It’s the same features, but different in some ways. For instance, although Sync only gives you 5GB of free storage (much like any other free cloud storage platforms), your files are kept secure and private because of its end-to-end encryption, preventing any unauthorized access before you even have to find out about it.

One of Sync’s unique features is being able to share files to anyone who has access to the Internet, with or without a Sync account. Collaboration is also made easier by allowing you to set requests to access, password protection, expiration, and even notifications that your file is being accessed. Sync has apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, which means having access from any (and we mean any) device you have with you whenever you need it. 

Sync also offers premium plans whether it’s a personal (individual) need or company. The plans, which start at only $5, can dedicate up to 10TB of storage and unlimited file sharing. You’ll also get file recovery, password protection, two-factor authentication, real time backup and sync, advanced share controls, and a lot more. 


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5. Tresorit

A swiss cloud storage system that runs like clockwork

Reasons to buy
+Enterprise level security+Compliant with regulations+3GB data storage for free accounts+Multiplatform support

Tresorit supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices, adding to the convenience it offers in cloud collaboration. With its enterprise level security, your sensitive files and data are kept secure from unwanted prying eyes. From whitepapers, to data sheets, to even case studies, Tresorit is preferred by tons of users. Like Dropbox, Tresorit allows file request links for when you overlook sending links to your team in time. 

Often when we’re editing a file we never know if someone else is making changes simultaneously. Tresorit aims to avoid this conundrum and ultimately the turmoil that comes with it by providing an editing badge which will let collaborators know when someone is working on something. Sharing rights can also be set so your organization is safe from those who don’t belong in your team.

Tresorit’s basic plan gives away 3GB of encrypted cloud storage using up to 2 devices. If 3GB seems insufficient, you have the option to upgrade to the premium plans offered starting at $12 per month. All plans can give you 1TB of cloud storage which is most of the time enough storage for small businesses and enterprises. Premium plans also let you access files across 10 devices. 


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6. pCloud

Secure encrypted cloud storage

Reasons to buy
+Secure cloud storage+Easy access+Unlimited file size+Access latest version of files+Password protection

pCloud provides secure storage in the cloud for your work files, videos, music, documents, and photos. As soon as your file is transferred from your device to your secure pCloud account’s storage, it goes through TLS/SSL encryption. Files are stored on three (or more) server locations just because security is taken very seriously and that’s even for the free version, on top of 10GB free storage space.

If 10GB just doesn’t cut it for the size of storage you’ll be needing, pCloud’s premium accounts can give you 500GB and 1TB. Of course, you’ll need these large storage spaces when you’re regularly sharing and collaborating large files within your organization. pCloud also offers you the convenience of automatically uploading your photos directly from your camera roll, and even keeping older versions of your file for up to 30 days just in case you need to revert. 

pCloud boasts of its built-in video player for easy file access (video sharing seems to be a common problem), and a built-in audio player and playlists when you’re on the go and want the company of your favorite tunes. Sharing your links is also made a little more personalized as pCloud allows you to add a headline, a title and even a description so files are easy to find and identify. 


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7. Mega

Privacy-focused cloud storage

Reasons to buy
+Fast transfer+Reliable storage+End-to-end encryption+Cheap plans

50GB storage upon signing up… free. Because why not? Mega makes cloud storage convenient and super easy to use without sacrificing security, especially that of sensitive data and files. The files you upload and even your chats are kept safe with user controlled end-to-end encryption, protected by your very own password. 

Security isn’t Mega’s only strength though. Mega files can be accessed using any device that’s connected to the Internet, and allows you to password protect your links and even set an expiry date for public and sensitive data. Uploading your files in Mega’s secure server is quick and easy, and the same goes with syncing. This is because of Mega’s user-friendly interface which also makes sharing folders/files as easy as a single click. 

Communicating with your team is made easy with Mega’s awesome MegaChat feature which also encrypts your messages by the way because security is taken very seriously with Mega. Premium plans that start at $5.89 will give you a massive storage space and no transfer limits. With Mega, you can upload your files, sync them, back them up and access them from just about any device you have on you, all in a series of steps that start with a single click.