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Samsung's new super high-def video standard

Samsung's DisplayPort interface will be used first in this 30-inch LCD television.

If you thought 1,080 lines of high-definition video was as good as it gets, then think again - Samsung has just unveiled a next-generation video interface that can handle resolutions up to 2560 x 1600.

DisplayPort , as the Korean firm has dubbed the interface, can be found in a WQXGA 30-inch LCD screen currently being used to demonstrate the technology. It is intended to replace VGA, DVI and other contemporary video interfaces eventually and has already been approved by VESA, the Video Electronics Standards Association.

Fatter pipe

According to Samsung, achieving such high resolutions while maintaining picture integrity requires a data rate of 10.8Gbit/s. This compares with the less-onerous demands of the DVI standard's 1.65Gbit/s. Additionally, at least three DVI chips would be required to work together to handle the same 1.07 billion colours across ten bits of colour depth.

Samsung says the new DisplayPort-enabled screen will be available commercially in 2008 with a full 180-degree viewing angle, but an unimpressive 300 candelas per square metre of brightness.